Thursday, July 23, 2015

Silence of the rocks

Near my house is a rock. It looks very impressive and measures 56 inch in width. And for last year or so it has gained tremendous following. Bhakts and believers from all over the country see it as an answer to all of their troubles. They say it not only answers their prayers but also speaks to them, heart to heart ("mann ki baat" is what they term it in Hindi). A young student, now studying in 11th, told me that some wise words from it helped her lessen the anxiety before her board exams last year.
Impressed, I went to pay it a visit with few other friends. One publicly inclined friend asked it why the nepotism and corruption in the upper rungs of government doesn't seem to be coming down despite the change of government. The rock was silent. The bhakts present there clarified -- it only talks to believers, and by your hostile questions you clearly don't look like one, hence the silence. But how can we become believer before it answers our questions, we asked. Faith does not submit to such rational calculations was the terse reply.
On our way back, one of the friend with a political sense of humor observed -- this rock is just like our previous prime minister who always kept quiet. Another one corrected -- no, it's more like the current one, who talks depending on the topic and the audience.
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